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See the thing is, everyone has a camera now. You can take photos on your phone, with a pen, a camera attached to your head, your music player, android tablet or massive iPad, even with some watches. You don’t *need* a photographer.

But, sometimes, you really do.

When you’re on the sidelines and your child, sister, husband, wife, brother is sweating their little legs out on the sports field for the cup final that means so much to them – even if its only the amateur league, or the under 9’s local final – it means something to them, and so often to you too. Your Google Pixel or iPhone X can get some amazing images, but it can’t do those moments justice.
sports photography, taken at Margate FC for Kent FA

Party Time

Or you’ve got that big family party and you know it’s going to be a crazy mad day, so having someone there with a ‘proper’ camera could be that best few quid you spent, making sure that someone is capturing some intimate moments, fun memories and high-quality photos of the day. Yep – these are some of the best photography moments. And I love it.

Children’s and Family Photos

Or maybe you just want some beautiful photos of your kids, or the family out and about for a family photoshoot. They’re always a good time, I like those too ??

Sometimes… it’s worth getting a photographer in…