Recruitment Video

This literally went viral on Linked In when I posted it – 1000s of views and comments all round the world. So Happy.

In 2020 at my old company we were looking for a new project manager.
I lined up a recorded zoom call with each employee and asked them all the same questions

I then got to work…

  • borrowed a puppet from a friend
  • created various different looks (yes its the same puppet for all characters!)
  • kicked the entire team out the office for 2 days
  • shot, acted, recorded, edited all the puppetry myself to the audio that I had edited
  • published it on linked in! We got some incredible applications in return.

Hammers for Work – Promo

Throughout the pandemic, people were losing jobs, work and hours of income a day. As a big West Ham fan, getting behind this initiative was a no brainer for me – I produced this video as a teaser to the new site