Branding, website, strategy and print design for another new Herne Bay business

Michelle from Zest Homes was starting a new property agency for the East Kent area and of course came to Monkeys Brother to look at brand, flyers and marketing ideas, and the new website. Using my own WordPress property website structure of a design system that I’d already successfully applied to two other Estate Agents in Herne Bay, I created the new site for Zest Homes Herne Bay.

The brand concepts went round a little from a cliché orange zest peel to something more creatively typography based, but in the end we all settled on the Z and house graphic as the icon to allow Zest to use this as a smaller mark, and to represent that Zest get you in your new home and are there with you all the way.
Blue and orange sit really nicely together too, so as a complimentary palette, we added the blue and a few tones of grey and black as additional colour layers.


  • Branding
  • Photography
  • Strategy
  • Web Design
  • WordPress development
  • API hook to property feeds

More house sales!

Better Marketing

House sales and lettings is super competitive in local areas. What we’ve managed to do through launching a new business in the midst of a global pandemic has been an incredible achievement from Michelle and the team at Zest. I continue to help them with strategy and marketing, flyer design and website evolution as more and more sales and lettings get triggered!

Amazing Results

Being closely in communication with my clients is important to me, and allows me to build strong relationships. Michelle will give me an idea through WhatsApp and I’ll come back with a solution or design concept that brings results.
And in the property game, thats massive. We’re exploring some exciting new ideas and creative ways to make Zest continually fresher and better than the rest.

Steve is amazing I would highly recommend using Steve to help create the perfect website that you desire.

Michelle O'ReillyOwner, Zest Homes