Margate Swimming Club

A refreshing new logo for local swimmers



Some time back we were asked to redesign Margate Swimming Club’s old tired website.
Historically the site had been a heavily text based and very unused website, but through a variety of late evening discussions, sketching and scoping with members from the club, we managed to define a helpful, clever system for MSC which created calls to action for new member signups, managed the bookings and administration of Gala swimming for all clubs entering when hosted by Margate, and opened up a whole new area of automated booking process for such events, relieving a huge admin burden from the volunteer staff team.

Sadly the site got turned off as they merged with other clubs to become Thanet Swimming Club, but we loved the work we did so don’t want to let this one disappear with the club!


Client: Margate Swimming Club
Date: 2013

  • Branding
  • Graphic design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development (WordPress)

The club's old logo

The club's new logo


The logo above on the left is the original MSC logo that they’ve had for a number of years.

On the right is our new logo that was very well received…however the loss of the dolphin that was and still is quite an iconic graphic for the club (its on hats, bags and more!) was something that came in from feedback that actually did in fact need to still be in the logo mark – something that wasn’t too strict initially. So in the nature of wanting to modernise still, we came up with the new logo that was used for the past year for the club.

In summer 2015, MSC merged with Thanet swimming club and the site and logo are now no longer online, but we’re still proud of what we delivered!

The actual final logo agreed - complete with original dolphin