Live Music Photography at the Black Boy in Sevenoaks

Enclosed spaces, take a zoom lens!

Having not ever been to the venue before but knowing it was a pub, I spent some time looking at photos I could find online about the venue and its layout. Didn’t find much, so got there early to make sure I could recce the space…
Knowing that it would be rammed (pre covid!) I took a couple of zoom lenses and glad I did as could hardly move once the event had begun! Most of these were shot on the 70-200 nikkor 2.8 lens.

Incredible artists make it easy!

With any event photography, I want to make sure I capture a photo that if I was the subject I would be happy with it. So I often take quite a burst of photos in one action shot, then choose one or two later, and edit those to be the ones to use.
The band were incredible, and had special guest in the stunning Wendi Harriott who added a whole extra layer of specialness.


  • Event Photography
  • Editing in Lightroom