Kimber Woodward

A new site for Herne Bay’s most successful agent

A relatively new player to the market in the Herne Bay area, kicking off agency life in 2013, KimberWoodward’s approach as an estate agency has seen them rise rapidly to smash all the records and become the leading estate agency in Herne Bay. Just a simple browse of the statistics can tell you that they’re advertising, and selling (!), more than any other agency in the area right now and have launched their new site in conjunction with this success.

I moved house with KimberWoodward in 2014 and was so delighted with the incredible nature, care and attention to detail that they delivered that it was a delight to be asked to produce the new site for the team that went live in March 2015.

Simplifying the user journey, reducing the multiple clicks from their last website to get property information, and increasing the ability for property enquiries were key aims for the new site. We also ensured (naturally of course!) that the site was fully responsive, making for a slick and simople mobile experience.

Much like the company and the team, the new Kimber Woodward website stamps authority on the local market in such an understated and dignified way, matching the quality and excellency of the in house team.

We’re delighted to have been part of this new phase for Herne Bay’s best estate agent, and look forward to enhancing the site as the company and vision grows over the coming years.


Client: Kimber Woodward, Herne Bay estate agency
Date: March, 2015

  • UX Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Technical development