Sports Photography for Kent FA for the flexi football league

Any ability 

What I love about grass roots football is that the culture (most of the time) is that of encouragement and opportunity. The FA’s Flexi Football league allows anyone to play and any team to register. The rules are flexible (funny that) around the following principles:

  • All fixtures are on 3G pitches.
  • 45 minute games.
  • Maximum of 1 fixture every Sunday over a 10 week season.
  • Roll on, roll off substitutions.
  • Central venue played on 3G.
  • Pay as you play.

Capturing multiple matches

Whats great about the flexi league is that it is short games and so in multiple evenings I could capture a lot of different games.
Standards were perhaps what you might expect at Sunday league style level (!) – an occasional talented player, with then the regular feisty player who likes a good argument with the ref or a fight with another player!


  • Event Photography
  • Editing in Lightroom