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Full time, I run a digital agency. It’s great, but I’m surrounded by an incredible team who are far better at producing what we do than I am. They say employ people better than you, and we have absolutely done that with the team we have. As a result, I spend most of my time doing more talking than creating!

blatant poser shot outside Red Bullet, my agency

However, I’m a neurontin online no script creative at heart. I can’t not be learning something new, playing with tech, software, gadgets, music or creative art. I thrive on seeing creating something new and different or learning a new skill. best online pharmacy to buy accutane I love it.

Back in 2008 I got my first digital SLR – a Nikon, with a 18-55mm kit lens.
I learnt to shoot manual throughout that first year and haven’t looked back since. As I’ve gotten older, I got more into photography and photoshop, and been able to buy more gear, but have always enjoyed illustration, just never quite mastered the tools in illustration software…. until lockdown!

buy modafinil uk reddit Lockdown inspiration

When we all went into lockdown here in the UK, I sort of enjoyed it for a first few weeks. My main job was still super busy, but I still found that I had a little more time on my hands – mainly from no photography gigs and no sport to watch or take our kids to, which filled my normal spare time!

As I say, I’ve always been into illustration but lockdown gave me a little extra time to learn some of the techniques and skills properly. I spent April doing just that. But I needed a focus though…

And here comes the plastic flicking game…

In my last blog I talk more about this, but essentially inspired by both a passion for seeing people enjoy the creations I produce, plus my childhood passion of subbuteo, I started to play with custom face illustrations on a detailed kit for West Ham fans.

A boost from Iain, Ben, Frank and more…

Fond Parisien I love what I do.
I love making things for people who enjoy seeing or interacting with them.

Initially, I’d done a few for local teams and players in Kent, and had an idea to create one for the lovely journalist, Iain Dale of LBC radio fame among other places. A big West Ham fan, and having written for his West Ham Till I Die blog several times, I thought he might like it. He did!
He loved it so much he bought one and tagged a couple of other well known names.

What then happened I couldn’t keep up with at first.
Iain had tagged ITVs Ben Shepherd in his tweet.
Ben got in touch and ordered one – a custom designed face, with his fav West Ham kit from 1986 – the away kit.
When it arrived at ITV for him, to my surprise, Ben shot a video of it, posted that on his Twitter account, tagging me in it.

It got an incredible level of views – around 50k and the artwork was really well received by so many. A bunch of orders came in, but even more exciting was the buzz around what I was doing.

When Ben Shephard received his custom artwork from Steve Kreeger on Vimeo.

Following Ben’s post, I have been in touch with a bunch of previous West Ham players (legends!) who have all been amazing and ordered various custom prints, from Frank McAvennie, to Julian Dicks, Kenny Brown and more.

BBC Radio

Id also started a little podcast with my kids in lockdown and that plus this sudden success in the subbuteo style artwork gained me an interview on BBC Radio Kent. Nothing big time of course 😉 but again, incredible exposure for the artwork and so amazed at how well it’s all gone down!

My Hammers 11

You may have noticed if you follow me on twitter or Instagram at all, that I’ve started a new project recently in partnership with My Hammers 11 youtube channel. With well over 2k subscribers and rapidly growing as one of West Ham fan’s insightful and content rich channels for discussion on the best players over the years, I’m now creating specialised My Hammers 11 artwork for anyone who wants to order, with 25% of every sale going to help fundraise for Islas Fight. Check it all out here.

Custom, Personalised Art

I’m still making custom sports artwork of course, but now expanding constantly as the enquiries and ideas come in from various people.
It’d be really easy to just bash out lots of art prints and people to like them and maybe buy them, and I have done a few of these.
But I LOVE the custom element. I love taking time, personalising some of the art. I love seeing people’s comments and reactions when they see what I’ve come up with.

And whilst I still can’t believe it all myself, all the reviews speak for themselves.

So, thankyou to Ben, Iain, Frank, Russ and others who have helped on the way to boom me into this being way more than just a bit of fun in lockdown, but a proper little small creative business. You all are legends.