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How I learned to shoot manual photography from being a DJ

You meet any photographer worth their weight and they’ll say to shoot manual – or at least to learn it.
You meet people just starting out, and they’ll no doubt rarely if ever shoot manual – for fear of getting rubbish shots, not knowing how to fox the dark picture, or why its not working.

Most have probably shot some on Manual settings, but it didn’t likely go very well so flipped back round to that nice comforting big green ‘A’

The thing is – shooting manual as a photographer isn’t hard – sure, theres a learn curve, and it takes some practice, but its not difficult. If you want better photos – learn it.

In this video I talked about how techniques I learnt when I was DJing, I used as an approach to how I force-taught myself to shoot Manual photography. I now pretty much  stromectol buy cheap only shoot manual. Have a watch. I might even make this a series… and teach techniques on how to shoot manual ?