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Living in Herne Bay in Kent, there’s a LOAD of photographic opportunities on my doorstep.

From the seaside and all that the seafront and sunsets have to offer (again and again, different everytime!) to the beautiful countryside inland just 10 minutes down the road. Multiple parks, open spaces and woodland to discover and capture the seasonal changes in colour and landscape.

Portrait Photoshoots in Herne Bay

Having my own studio setup too at our agency offices, allows me to shoot fantastic portraits and product shots as well as be out and about in the wonderful landscape around the Kent coast.

Finding a photographer in Herne Bay is relatively easy – there’s lots of us around! Choosing the right photographer for you is not about us. It should be about what you’re looking for – both from your time with us, as well as your needs.

Event Photography in Herne Bay

As an event photographer, I like to take shots of various different candid moments – the sneaky photos that capture people laughing at each others jokes, the emotional hugs between long lost friends, the hi fives between parent and child at a sports event and the dancing children on top of Daddy’s head at the summer festival.

Whilst based as a photographer in Herne Bay in Kent,  I am happy to travel wherever it takes me, whether across the UK or abroad.