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I tell stories through film & photography


I work with companies & organisations to help tell visual stories.


If you think I can help tell your story I’d love to hear from you.


Kent FA

24th June 2021

Inclusive Sport

4th August 2020


6th July 2020

Confico Dance

9th January 2020

Some call me a jack of all trades... I just say I'm creative

The Monkeys Brother Story

It’s just me, Steve. I’ve worked in design, digital and creative industries since 2001.
As a DJ at first, then moved through the various creative disciplines you see laid out on this site, and now I do lots of thing for lots of people! And I love it.

In 2007 I had my first daughter, and we got her a soft toy monkey. Fast forward 18months and that toy had been hugged way too much it was falling apart. So we bought her a replacement. ‘what shall we call this one?’ I asked.

“Monkeys Brother” she said. And for the next 3 years Monkeys Brother sat on the shelf in my daughters room. Until I needed a business name!

Who I love working with

The more important question here is perhaps who I don’t enjoy working with!

If you simply want someone to do everything you want them to as cheap as possible, then I’m not your guy. Go find a cheap offshore freelancer.

If you want someone to give you ideas, help you shape and challenge your thinking, as well as give you amazing products at the end – then get in touch!

You made it this far down the page... lets talk!